Chris Tyson - I expect a lot but also give a lot in return

Chris Tyson - I expect a lot but also give a lot in return
Chris Tyson:Managing Director of Tyson Properties

CHRIS TYSON’s interest in the property industry started from an early age as his family comes from a property background. Tyson said, “My father had a construction company. My mother was an agent for many years and owned her own agency. I can remember going to property viewings with her as a small boy.”

In 2001, his own real estate career started as an agent for a small agency in Durban. He then moved to a larger agency, where he built his initial Tyson Properties team. In 2005, the first Tyson Properties office was opened in Durban.

Over the past year, Tyson Properties has consolidated its presence in the KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Gauteng markets and recently opened its 30th office. Going forward, Tyson expects Tyson Properties to continue as a leader in the KwaZulu-Natal provincial property sector and grow the group’s national footprint.

Tyson said, “We have deliberately focused on building one area and making it a success before moving to another area and have worked hard at not expanding too quickly. We are currently highly focused on our growth into the Western Cape and Gauteng. Due to the growth we have shown in these two areas, we are ready to open further offices there.”

In Gauteng, Tyson Properties have extended their footprint drastically and opened a new flagship office in Dunkeld West to accommodate its growth into the Sandton and Parks areas. Tyson Properties are also in negotiations to open its third office in Johannesburg later this year.

In addition to marketing residential, commercial and rental properties, Tyson Properties has expanded its service offering to include a property management division that specialises in the administration of a number of exclusive properties and sectional title developments.

Although there are many influences on a business success. Tyson says that that it has become a business owner’s responsibility to make sure that their business is a sustainable one by constantly challenging the norm and striving for change and excellence.

“Often doing new things means cutting existing budgets to achieve this. We do, however, see this as an advantage and have always used tough times to grow the company to position ourselves better for upturns in the marketplace. One either has to have reserves to ensure sustainability or work within a budget that creates reserves. This however can stunt the growth of a company,” says Tyson.

Part of ensuring sustainability is apparent in his leadership style, which he says is very relaxed. However, says Tyson, “I expect a lot but also give a lot in return. I look at every employee as a partnership.

I also believe that I’m very inclusive and involve the team in driving projects and campaigns. I have always tried to balance the work environment, making it fair for both the agent and the company. This is achieved by supporting my internal team and building partnerships with outsourced agencies such as our marketing agency and public relations consultant.”

He commented that a challenge is in finding it increasingly difficult to run a company and motivate his employees within the current political instability in South Africa. Tyson said, “It is hard to budget and grow your company with complete uncertainty as to whether your market is going to be up or down from one day to the next.” Tyson added, “Continued growth of the Tyson brand will be based more on employing the right people and market conditions than merely just growth.”

One of the business development advances that is extremely close to his heart is in the development of the newly formed After Sales Division. This division will deal with every aspect of the sale, from the date the sale agreement is signed, to the day that the property transfers, and beyond. “With the increase of first time buyers coming into the market we feel we can add real value here, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible advice and guidance,” commented Tyson.

Tyson is also committed to giving back to the community, which he says, “Is very much a part of who I am and something I am passionate about.” Before branching out into real estate, his early working career was for a large non-profit organisation. Consequently, each of the Tyson branches has their own social responsibility projects in their areas. Tyson Properties is also working hard at developing a group initiative.

When not at work, Tyson spends time with his family to ensure that his own life is balanced. He concluded, “My personal life is very important to me and I make sure I balance it. I am married and have a son of four and a half years. We are a very homely family and we love to travel. We also enjoy the outdoors and keeping fit.”

Chris Tyson

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