Candice Padayachee - "Dedicated to ensuring quality at the highest level and driven to inspire and lead with purpose."

Candice Padayachee : Advisory Director and the Forensic practice leader at KPMG
Candice Padayachee : Advisory Director and the Forensic practice leader at KPMG

CANDICE PADAYACHEE is KPMG's Advisory Director and the Forensic practice leader. Candice Padayachee is KPMG's Advisory Director and the Forensic practice leader for KZN. In this role, she maintains primary responsibility and oversight of the Forensic Division in the region, leading a multi-disciplinary team and engaging the firm's key clients.

Candice is an Admitted Attorney of the High Court, and holds a Master's degree in Advanced Labour (Cum Laude) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Pietermaritzburg).  She was raised in Pietermaritzburg and began her career as an associate at a leading KwaZulu-Natal law firm, but was soon drawn to forensics.

This interest was fuelled primarily by her passion for seeking justice and ensuring that as a country and as communities, ethics and right practice remains. Her view is that "fraud, bribery and corruption severely impact peoples' lives". "It is so rewarding that the work KPMG Forensic does, actively infiltrates these economic crimes," says Candice.

Having spent over 11 years in forensics, her experience spans across both the public and private sectors. She particularly specialises in fraud risk management, forensic investigations, compliance management and litigation support.

"I am fully competent in the investigation process throughout the phases of preliminary considerations, planning, and gathering of information, analysis, reporting and close. This includes the concept of embedding forensic technology in investigations." Candice has a proven track record with business development and an established client portfolio, having assisted various organisation in identifying fraud risks and providing tools to manage such risks in a manner consistent with regulatory requirements and the organisations business needs.

"With regards to the specific nature of the work, I specialise in advising clients on fraud and misconduct investigations and the use of technology in such investigations. These investigations have been in various sectors such as banking, finance, insurance, FMCG, logistics. In particular, Candice has led numerous forensic engagements in the public sector and has extensive knowledge and understanding of the local government environment.

In assisting clients with solutions to these issues, I have applied traditional investigation techniques such as interviewing and document examination as well as more modern techniques such as data analysis, data visualisation, cyber investigation, digital evidence recovery and electronic discovery." Candice has also presented at various forums and published various articles relating to Ethics and Fraud Risk Management frameworks.

As a leader in the firm, Candice is dedicated to ensuring quality at the highest level and driven to inspire and lead with purpose. Having been mentored by a strong and inspirational female leader, she is committed to encouraging and supporting young professionals in the industry. Despite the high demands of her career, Candice prioritises family time. With two young children, she tries to maintain a healthy balance between work and home and wants to ensure that her children will be given the freedom to choose careers they love.

She wants them to believe that they can aspire to be anything they are passionate about, and display the work ethic practised by her husband and herself. Her motto is: To be successful you need to work hard, remain humble, recognise the contribution of your team, and be passionate and focused on achieving your goals.

Candice Padayachee

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