David White - "The true value of any organisation is its sustainability, and at the heart of sustainability is good people relationships."

David White : CEO at DRG Outsourcing, and Chairman at BusinessFit
David White : CEO at DRG Outsourcing, and Chairman at BusinessFit

DAVID WHITE is an authentic leader with a passion for people development. A highly accomplished businessman, David took a start-up company he founded in 1996, to a listing on the Johannesburg stock exchange in 1998.

The company is DRG, and although it delisted shortly after the dotcom era, the company has become an essential service provider in human resource management reporting and compliance services in South Africa. DRG has also become a valuable contact for many foreign companies coming into South Africa, who need the support of a human resource management company to help them set up a solid human resource platform for their business. David further extended his passion for people into co-creating the DRG Leadership Programme.

This programme came about after many years in helping companies meet employer HR reporting and compliance responsibilities. David said, "We understood that as much as two thirds of people do not like their jobs nor work environment, and in general companies are as little as 40% productive". This prompted David and his co-director Charles Henzi into action, and now three years later, the DRG leadership model is a highly sought-after programme, bringing purpose into the workplace - the outcome being improved "productivity through people".

David's vision and leadership extended further into an organisation called BusinessFit, which provides entrepreneur development services. BusinessFit started in 2012 and is regarded as a leading contributor to entrepreneurial development in South Africa. BusinessFit has mentored approximately 250 entrepreneurs, many of whom have created successful companies.

David involves his colleagues and networks in his vision and passions, and has a huge following of entrepreneurs, business leaders and community leaders, who enjoy his desire to help to make the world of business a better place for all.

David says, "I dedicate my time to ensuring that I clearly articulate the purpose and desired outcomes the business wishes to achieve, sharing how the business works and the important measurements of enterprise performance, especially customer and shareholder expectations; helping my team to better understand themselves, and their passions and goals. My desire is to help people understand their zone of influence in the business, how they contribute, so that they too can become thinkers and leaders in the business."

David is inspired by working with authentic business leaders, who create energy and commitment within their teams. "In my view, the true value of any organisation is its sustainability, and at the heart of sustainability is good people relationships. The best companies, the companies that thrive in all business climates, are those with engaged staff and work teams. These companies have people working together, governed by shared values, understanding and identifying with the business model, striving for common goals and outcomes. Seeing employees within the business treat the company as if they were the owners - and holding themselves accountable for results is the reward."

David believes that his success has been based on a single-minded approach to his work. "I have learned that what is important in our line of work is to develop long-term strategic partnerships with our clients. We like to work side by side with our clients, sharing our knowledge, and enjoying the successes they achieve. We keep up to date with industry best practice, have absolute integrity, and share our knowledge and expertise."

David is a non-executive director of THINK, a nonprofit company established in 2013. Through DRG he provides essential HR services, allowing THINK's founder to focus on conducting research to improve the lives of those affected by TB and HIV. THINK is now a renowned force for government and public health funders to count on, making a difference in policy making and health service delivery locally and internationally. David's expertise within HR policy making and business development has provided the executive team of THINK with mentorship that has enabled the organisation to impact the lives of thousands of people affected by TB and HIV.

David White

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