Logan Moodley - Continuous learning allowed me to see things in a more rounded perspective

Logan Moodley - Continuous learning allowed me to see things in a more rounded perspective
Logan Moodley:Cheif Executive Officer of Conlog

LOGAN MOODLEY, CEO of Conlog, started his career as a software engineer. Moodley studied at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) Pietermaritzburg campus and he majored in computer sciences and physics, with a focus on software development and software engineering.

For a short while he worked with a gaming company funded by the government, developing software games for educational purposes at UKZN. He then joined Conlog, and he says it's been an exciting journey there ever since. Moodley joined initially as a software engineer and progressed through the ranks, moving into the role of acting general manager between 2015 and 2016, and on 1 November 2016, he was appointed CEO of Conlog.

Moodley's "Stay curious" motto is ingrained in his leadership style. As he says, "I think for me it's something we live by within the organisation, it's the culture I try to promote in the business as well - it's that of continuous learning. More recently, I finished a Master's in Business Leadership. As I went through the programme and as I journeyed through the various functions within Conlog, I was given the opportunity to try some practical elements of that learning in the business. Continuous learning allowed me to see things in a more rounded perspective, more so than just a typical engineer would. Every day we are learning something new, business is evolving, the environment and the competition is evolving, so stay tuned to the fact that you have to keep learning every day to want to exist in this space."

For Moodley, acknowledging the strengths of his team is important. He says that Conlog is quite unique in that they have a very vast area of divisions that support the business from design all the way through to manufacturing of hardware and implementation of software products. "The skills that sit around my boardroom table are vast and varied. What is important is allowing every individual to express their expertise. We speak of the business in context of 'for the collective good'. We need to be able to sit back and listen to all the bright ideas and opinions and allow them to come up with solutions."

The willingness to succeed from his perspective is, "Doing something you enjoy every day, there's got to be a reason why you jump out of bed every morning. It's not to go to a job, it's to go to something you really love doing, it's one of the biggest drivers. It's more than a job that we have to get to every day. If you visit our business, there's always talk of Conlog family and how we respond to this responsibility. For me it's very humbling, it's a point that we centre around. Our responsibility."

He says that every day is a challenge and that there are many challenges that one would face in various leadership roles. Something that stands out for him is when the business changed ownership in 2015.

"Providing relevant assurance to individuals that things wouldn't change. Giving them comfort that they will have opportunities, provided me with many learning experiences. I'm glad to say that since the transition, we've grown and we have been allowed to grow."

With regards to personal and professional achievements, he says, "It's been an interesting journey for me, certainly I have to speak to one of the more recent appointments as CEO of the business, which particularly stands out for me."

The plans for the future are promising. Conlog are looking at building the brand and expanding further internationally. Moodley says that 80% of their business sits outside of SA borders and that they are a continent wide recognised brand, "We are crafting our expansion strategy around geo expansion, what we are acknowledging is that while the brand exists, we too must exist on the continent. We have a more global responsibility. Part of our journey is to look at how we can grow geographically, where our customers are calling the loudest for there to be some form of local economic standards. The plan is to offer a more holistic service or solutions experience."

Moodley married his best friend and childhood sweetheart, Nirvasha, who is in the public sector. They do not have any children as work has always been the focus. Escaping together down the coast on private holidays on the beach is what they love to do. He loves to entertain and having friends around is always a pleasure.

"When I have time to myself, I enjoy music. I play music whenever I can, it's such an escape, a very emotive escape as well. It's an important part of my life. I love tech and innovation, when I can get my hands on a new piece of tech I enjoy it. The engineering curiosity does not escape me even though my responsibilities have changed." He also tries to read as many books as possible as he believes there are many great lessons we can learn through reading books.

His last bit of advice: Stay curious!

Logan Moodley

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