Theasen Pillay - Whatever you do, do it well

Theasen Pillay - Whatever you do, do it well
Theasen Pillay:Founder of TPA Legal

THEASEN PILLAY, a graduate of the University of Natal - Howard College, is the founder of TPA Legal and Associates and is a practicing attorney of the High Court.

He explained that he has his late father to thank for his choice of profession. "When I matriculated, I wanted to be an air-force pilot - thanks to 'Top Gun' with Tom Cruise. My father would have none of that talk. He packed me in the car, drove to Natal University and when we got back home, I was enrolled in Law School. Looking back, he knew what was best for me because I have realised that being a litigation attorney is truly my passion."

Due to their success record, TPA Legal Associates has proudly established themselves as being a formidable litigation firm of attorneys. The firm has also been acknowledged for its legal excellence and integrity.

Pillay says that success means different things to different people, but to him it is when you achieve the seemingly unthought-off and in a quiet moment alone, you sit back and think, "Hey - I did that".

"There is no short-cut. Success, on whatever measurement scale you use, is the result of relentless effort and continually persevering in what you believe in."

Establishing the firm meant stepping out of his comfort zone and taking a leap of faith which was based solely on the belief in himself and realising that his dreams depended on his actions.

Now Pillay has approximately 21 years of extensive litigation experience and he has represented individuals in many high-profile matters. He has been fortunate enough to have been in the media light since in the inception of his career and has been featured in every national newspaper, as well as on national and international news.

With his firm's recent appointment to represent His Majesty, King Goodwill Zwelithini, TPA Legal Associates is regularly in the media. Pillay believes that his strengths in achieving success may be attributed to the fact that he is driven to perform to the best of his abilities.

He says, "From an early age, we were raised that in whatever you do, do it well. This trait has been instrumental in my success as a litigator, as it compelled me to try harder to find that singular facet to be successful in my matters."

Pillay also commented that he truly despises losing. "I relish being instructed in the most difficult cases where the odds are initially perceived as being 'stacked against the client'. I have a phenomenal success record and that does not come from selecting the "winnable" cases, but from thoroughly studying my hard cases and finding that the element that will make us successful. I love finding a successful legal solution. That is when I am in my element."

In order to provide the best service to their clients, Pillay encourages brainstorming and constructive engagement with all his staff to fine-tune the final work that is to be presented in a client's case.

However, in this regard he says that his leadership style is a mixture between authoritarian and casual in that he will not compromise on certain aspects, such as the quality of service being provided. This approach is in keeping with the firm's motto which is Legal Excellence and Integrity.

Later this year Pillay will be appearing in the Constitutional Court, being the Highest Court in the Land, to argue a case, which he says will be one of the highpoints of his professional career.

In the future, he has plans to study further and to be appointed to the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Theasen Pillay

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