Buckman: Volunteerism Sets records in 2012
Buckman: Volunteerism Sets records in 2012

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Buckman Volunteerism Sets records in 2012


Memphis, TN, USA (March 21, 2013):

Throughout the world, associates at Buckman volunteered a record number of hours during 2012.  In total, 7,053 hours were recorded by Buckman associates at Buckman-sponsored activities. That volunteerism around the globe directly impacted an estimated 81,000 lives.

As a company highly focused on its positive community impact, Buckman’s volunteerism and giving around the globe is known as BuckmanCares. More than 3,600 of the hours volunteered in 2012 were dedicated to health and human services causes, nearly 2,000 hours to education, more than 400 to environmental causes and another 1,200 to a wide variety of issues of particular interest to the associates in more than 90 countries in which Buckman operates around the world. Buckman has more than 1,500 employees, many of whom do additional volunteer work beyond the Buckman-sponsored activities measured by the company.

The value of the time donated by Buckman associates is estimated at more than $420,000. In addition to the time value of its employees, Buckman also invested nearly $300,000 in non-cash and cash contributions to its communities.

Few companies so consistently contribute to the communities around them. Fewer still measure success in this way. Buckman calls it The Chemistry of Sharing, and celebrates its global impact early each year with a worldwide BuckmanCares Day.

“It was only just a few years ago that we took all that we were doing in our local operating companies, and looked at how we could come together to create our global BuckmanCares program,” says Buckman Chairman of the Board Kathy Buckman Gibson in a video for associates. “By focusing our efforts we have been able to identify ways that we can work together collectively, from dedicating ourselves to giving blood to those in need and leveraging the Red Cross and Red Crescent so that we can respond quickly in the event of a disaster. We’ve seen our volunteer hours increase, the number of associates who are volunteering increase, our enthusiasm about the difference we can make increase and most importantly, we are impacting more lives today than we did three years ago.”

For 2012, Buckman had launched its first coordinated global community initiative focused on blood donation around the world, and on the Red Cross and its disaster response and relief.  In addition to the coordinated global initiative, Buckman focuses its community outreach in three critical areas; education, health and human services, and environment.

“Our goal is to think globally but act locally,” added Ms. Buckman Gibson.

Local Buckman operating companies are encouraged to have a local impact and to engage associates’ involvement in other areas of education, health and human services and environment as appropriate for their corner of the world, as coordinated by local community relations councils. A Global Community Relations Advisory Council was formed in 2009 and led by Kathy Buckman Gibson to provide overall guidance to the local efforts.

About Buckman
Buckman is a privately held, global specialty chemical company with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Buckman works proactively and collaboratively with our worldwide customers in pulp and paper, leather, and water treatment to deliver exceptional service and innovative specialty chemical solutions to help boost productivity, reduce risk, improve product quality, and provide a measurable return on investment. Buckman is committed to safeguarding the environment, maintaining safety in the workplace, and promoting sustainable development, for our more than 1,500 associates, our customers and our communities in more than 90 countries around the world.

Bulab Holdings, Inc. is the parent company of Buckman Laboratories International, Inc., Buckman Laboratories, Inc. and numerous other holdings operating around the world operating under the Buckman name.

Buckman Volunteerism Sets records in 2012

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