The CEO’s letter to the Members -
Christmas greeting

Dear Members

We always take this time of the year to reflect as we often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.

Thank you to our Chairman, the Board and Trust for their incredible, hard work, sharing their knowledge and support to our Club. We are grateful to many of our Members, our captains and vice captains who give up their valuable time and share their passion for the game of golf.

I am grateful to our incredibly dedicated Management team, our staff and our outsourced partners who all share the same passion for our Club. Together we strive for progress and perfection.

We have achieved a place in the top 10 of KZN Best Brand, a live broadcast with ECR, our first ever Open Day as well as great articles in the press. There is just so much to be grateful for! Our golf courses are magnificent with the recent upgrade of our Tee boxes. The new loungers at our pool, new blinds on the Bistro Veranda, the upgrade of our lights at our tennis courts and new carpets in some of our function rooms. Another first in KZN is the arrival of Don Gammon and Logical Golf at Durban Country Club and so this list will continue in 2015.

Once again thank you for all your support.

Love, joy and peace are the ingredients for a wonderful Christmas. We hope you find them all this festive season. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Safe travels

Pascale van Maris

Golf News

Blast from the Captain's Bunker 16 of 2014


WOOLLEY’S ALBATROSS of 1931 at DCC recognised as first Press report of an Albatross world-wide by SCOTTISH GOLF HISTORY

“Extinct like the Dodo or Worth keeping!!!”

I had planned my final article of the year to be a brief review of golf at Durban Country Club in 2014 but before this, it is my great pleasure to report that an event at DCC has been accorded a significant historical footnote in the legacy of golf.

Mr Neil Laird, a notable historian, who researches and writes for “Scottish Golf History” requested assistance in trying to resolve an issue around the origin or reporting of the term Albatross, which as most golfers know is a score of three under par for the hole being played. Americans, of course, refer to an Albatross by the rather incongruous term “Double Eagle”.

His e-mail read: “I am researching the origin of the term Albatross in golf, which is, in fact, British and not American, who call three under par a ‘Double Eagle’.

The second published reference found so far is to a hole-in-one at the Durban Country Club course, reported in the Western Daily Press Bristol (UK) on 7th August 1931 from the Press Association Foreign Special feed.

This referred to a ‘South African golfer’ scoring a hole in one, which cost him £40 in drinks. The paper referred to this as “shooting an Albatross” ‘in golfing parlance’ but I believe it was probably a par-3 and thus an ‘eagle’.

I do not see any reference to it on your website, and wondered if you were able to supply further details, such as which hole it was and the name of the golfer.”

After a bit of checking I was able to advise him of the fact that it was an Albatross. Per my response “Our records show that one E.E. Wooler holed out in one on our 18th hole which is a 258 metre drivable par 4 on the 10th day of August 1931. There have been a handful of Albatrosses made on the 18th since. The date and occurrence is captured in both significant books written on our history and on our honours boards.

Using the information supplied by him, I was able to find and send to Mr Laird a copy of an article proclaiming the feat which was published in the “ Straits Times” Newspaper of Singapore on the 14 September 1931. I was pleasantly surprised when he responded with the following message-

“Thank you for the prompt response and picture, which I have used.

Until I had checked some other details, I did not want to mention that this is the first instance found to date of a golf 'Albatross' score recorded in the press and I have amended the website entry to reflect this.

I think the date discrepancy can be resolved after looking at my notes again. I believe that the newspaper report was Saturday 15 August 1931, which I failed to note correctly. I will recheck this next week. In the meantime, I intend to publish the attached shortly when I have checked some more details and proofed it.

It is likely that there will, in time, be other earlier scores of 3 under par found, especially in the States, but it is very possible that the term Albatross will not have been used to describe them.”

On the website the following entry has been made; “The first ‘albatross’ score reported as such in the press is from South Africa when E.E. Wooler scored a hole-in-one on 10th August 1931 on the 18th hole of the Durban Country Club which is a par-4. It cost £40 in drinks but, had he known that he was making history, he would not have minded.

This is reported in the “Western Daily Press Bristol” (15th Aug 1931) and The Straits Times Singapore (14th Sep 1931), probably both written by the Press Association. The feat cost him £40 in drinks (a lot of money in those days) and his playing companion had suggested scarpering to avoid paying.”

The Straits Times 14 Sep 1931 on Hole-in-One / Albatross at Durban Country Club by EE Wooler

Two questions- firstly to the highly intelligent ones, how much would that forty quid translate to today? Secondly, do we mark this piece of historically important information or do we discard it to the great memorabilia trash can situated in the depths of DCC and the derelict Beachwood squash court??!!!

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