iLembe Chamber 2016/17 Membership Renewal
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Dear Tracy
The iLembe Chamber will, over the next few weeks, issue membership renewal invoices for the membership year 2016/17 which runs from April 2016 to March 2017. Although I would have preferred to visit each member prior to membership renewal, it is unfortunately not possible in our very fast growing business community.  
Whilst the iLembe Chamber had a financially successful 2015, with a 37% improvement year on year in net retained income, the significant economic and business challenges ahead will demand a unified effort from our local business community.
In his 2016 budget speech, termed a budget for inclusive growth, the Minister of Finance highlighted some of the opportunities that can only be capitalised upon through a strong and representative business association.
  • In his speech he emphasised partnerships amongst the role players in our economy, and declared that the engagement with business, as a social partner, will be intensified.
  • He highlighted the importance of investment, growth, productivity, competitiveness and trade - and especially how this can be achieved through incentives to business.
  • A commitment to address, in partnership, institutional barriers to business, as well as regulatory burdens to investors. 
  • The creation of partnerships with the private sector, amongst others in pursuit of reducing the administrative costs of starting businesses.
The intention and commitment from government, at all levels, to engage with business is unequivocal – your business membership of the Chamber provides it with the mandate to do the same on behalf of businesses in the iLembe District.
In addition, please ensure that you utilise all the programmes and engagements offered by the Chamber as both a resource and networking platform for your business.     
The annual fees approved at the 2015 AGM are as follows:
   Category    Fees 2016/17
   Individual member                     R     700                              
   1 – 3 Employees    R     975
   4 – 10 Employees    R  1 900
   11 – 20 Employees    R  2 550
   21 – 50 Employees    R  3 200
   51 – 100 Employees    R  6 300
   101 – 150 Employees    R  9 600
   151 – 250 Employees    R17 000
   Corporate Members    Negotiated
   NPO Members    No fee payable
We are looking forward to a year of collaboration and growth in our district’s business community.

Please see our attached updated annual calendar below and to ensure that your membership detail is current please Click Here

Thank you for your continued support.