DRG Outsourcing And BusinessFIT Go To London


DRG Outsourcing and BusinessFit go to London to meet and share insights with high level human resource management consultants and business leaders within their network, and to explore new and exciting markets and opportunities for South African entrepreneurs...

David White, Charles Henzi and Akhona Mahlati travelled to London earlier this month to meet with other professional practitioners in the entrepreneur development, HR management and leadership space.  Their intention was to share ideas and methodology that have been successful in South Africa, to learn of international trends and models, to collaborate, and to celebrate innovative and effective ways to help companies create productive work environments that produce results. 

DRG traditionally, has helped companies meet governance, reporting and compliance responsibilities that are highlighted in the various labour acts and related legislation. This is still a core focus, but DRG has now included employee engagement and leadership as essential additions for executives to understand and apply in their business to help improve efficiencies and output; in the quest for enterprise sustainability.

In regard to compliance services, the team had meetings with John Le Maire of JLM Compliance, who provides an international client base with in-country employment law and best practice solutions, when they move staff across borders. DRG has worked with JLM Compliance for approximately 12 years, providing human resource management solutions to foreign companies employing staff in South Africa and select African countries. There is a fast-growing trend for personnel with unique skill sets to travel from country to country to deliver such specialist skills. Very often, it is hugely complex for a multi-national (or other company) to set up operations in a country, where they simply require a business structure for a short period of time. This service is referred to as PEO Services, and is eloquently described by Harry Feinberg as: "It is about the vision of reducing a business owner's stress level, streamlining personnel issues, becoming compliant with burdensome regulations, keeping business owners focused, attracting and retaining qualified staff, and enabling Revenue Receivers to collect taxes and social securities in an efficient manner."

DRG has been part of this global trend to provide proficient PEO services for 20 years, and services clients with staff working in South Africa sourced from countries as far afield as Canada, Singapore, India, USA, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Philippines, Australia, Ethiopia, Hong Kong to name a few. DRG provides a similar service for a number of significant NGOs in South Africa in receipt of funding from both globally-based sponsors and local funding entities (such as the South African Job Fund) and requiring assurance of compliance in all aspects of business governance, including the detailed requirements of running an efficient HR environment. 

Meeting the likes of John Le Maire, a rare individual possessing in-depth understanding of in-country compliance and labour trends derived from approximately 100 countries, was hugely informative and rewarding.  Meetings to discuss related services were held with recruitment specialist, RIZE, specifically with Andy Hillery, partner and director with over 25 years' global experience in this field who use DRG in South Africa to manage HR requirements for a significant China-based telecoms service provider. In addition, meetings were held with Compandben who use DRG as its in-country partner in South Africa. Compandben directors, John Tinsley and Kevin Parker work with companies across the globe, providing PEO type solutions in 190 countries. Going forward, DRG and Compandben will work together more closely to provide HR solutions across the whole of the African continent.

These contacts, as well as others, expressed their willingness to assist in the establishment of a direct DRG presence in London to further develop its global footprint.

BusinessFit had two significant meetings in London. The first being with Clayton Glen, owner of ImaginativeHR, a leading HR Advisory firm, held at the Royal Society premises in central London, where topics discussed included mentorship and coaching models. The second, at the historic Institute of Directors on Pall Mall, was with Mike Miller of Sapro, previously a senior manager with several leading global companies and owner of a leading importer of South African consumer goods.  Mike is a significant contributor to the development of emerging businesses in Britain, both through engaging directly in business education and mentoring emerging business. This programme's approach will provide valuable input into BusinessFit endeavours. Both meetings were positive, and Glen and Miller commented on the innovativeness of the BusinessFit 3D Methodology, and mindful thought and passion that both White and Mahlati have for BusinessFit and entrepreneurial development. 

What was of further interest is that both Glen and Miller, living in and working out of the greater London area, have spent their earlier years living and working in South Africa. They both run successful companies, and are extremely well connected. Glen is a high-level employee engagement consultant who, in collaboration with his team, supports clients in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, the Far East and the USA in the establishment of productive work environments through a defined methodology. In learning about their highly effective outcomes based mentoring we also realised that DRG is on the right track and that our leadership model is special. The ImaginativeHR team identified with the DRG "Purposeful Workplace model", commenting that it was fresh and undoubtedly would assist companies in creating productive and efficient work environments.

Miller, as a successful entrepreneur in his own right, is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their confidence in business. He proposed that emergent South African entrepreneurs would benefit greatly by visiting the UK to gain practical exposure to flourishing niche entrepreneurship ventures, ranging from, for example, confectionary to financial services.

Miller is able to introduce BusinessFit to the UK 'Young Enterprise Programme' where he has been invited to become an entrepreneurial mentor for the Prince's Trust, the highly regarded HRH Prince Charles initiative to help young entrepreneurs, particularly those from poor or criminal backgrounds. 

Miller is also a director and founder of the UK South African Chamber of Commerce whose members include Anglo American, Standard Bank, Nedbank and Old Mutual Wealth amongst other major multinational corporates, another useful global business network.

White said, "All in all it was a very enjoyable and productive trip. We made many new friends, learned a great deal, and expect to be back in London within the next few months.

One exciting opportunity is for DRG and BusinessFit to contribute at Royal Society and Institute of Director speaker functions. Glen and Miller are, respectively, members of each of the prestigious clubs, and will put forward topics and help to create opportunity for DRG and BusinessFit to share their thoughts with larger audiences, and create value for their South African human resource management and entrepreneurial development models."