Durban Chamber - Entrepreneurship Symposium
Durban Chamber - Entrepreneurship Symposium

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Durban Chamber - Entrepreneurship Symposium


"The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind.  If trained well, it can create enormous wealth". Robert Kiyosaki

This symposium seeks to increase Entrepreneurial mind-sets among business owners and managers. They will be propelled to become people with leadership qualities, who are innovative have fresh ideas regarding manufacturing, delivery, or service needs.

Our aim is to develop more people to whom are Entrepreneurship orientated.

The symposium will cover:
•  How does entrepreneurship contribute to economic development?
• What should governments do to make their economies more entrepreneurial?
• Why are some countries more entrepreneurial than others?
• What drives entrepreneurship in different contexts of development?
• How does Entrepreneurship contribute towards SMME sustainability?
• What is the role of Organised Business to promote entrepreneurship?
• How can SMMEs develop more Entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour?

Click below link to download details:
Entrepreneurship Symposium - 21 November.pdf - 0.2 Mb

Durban Chamber - Entrepreneurship Symposium

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