Durban Chamber of Commerce - Message from CEO
Durban Chamber of Commerce - Message from CEO

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Durban Chamber of Commerce - Message from CEO


Dear Chamber Members

The disruptive effects of load shedding on the Durban economy are becoming increasingly evident to the private sector. Lost productivity, disgruntled staff and customers, and failed deliveries are just some of the costs incurred by the private sector.

While the Durban Chamber understands the necessity to load shed, in order to prevent a potential national blackout, I believe that there is scope for the private sector to develop solutions, albeit in the short term, to help us survive the crisis.

It is for this reason, that I appeal to you to attend our “Energy Crisis” meeting, to provide us some feedback as to the extent to which load shedding has impacted your business, in terms of lost man hours, productivity and concerns about proactively managing labour relations during this tense time.

I also ask that you put some thought into developing innovative solutions to coping with the crisis, be this in the form of amended work hours, voluntary load shedding, or independent power production.

I urge you to join us, this Friday, 13th February 2015, from 10:30 to 12:30, at the DCCI Offices.

Please send RSVPs to Bharriey Pillay (

Durban Chamber of Commerce CEO
Dumile Cele

Durban Chamber of Commerce - Message from CEO

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