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Ever been in a role at an organisation where you know it's just NOT for you? Ever employed a person and soon realised they don't have the behavioural traits required for the role? They are just not assertive enough or they are too direct... They are not people focussed or they talk too much... They are extremely slow paced or their approach is extremely hurried... They are painfully compliant or a 'maverick'; they function through the absence of policy...

We have all worked with these people and we need all of them in our organisation as individually, they have unique strengths, though they are different, they are predictably different. As an employer, you need a strategy as to how you are going to create that winning team and how you are going to retain this talent.
Did you know that 90% of people are hired for their skills but are dismissed or leave for behavioural reasons?

Cheryl Mackinnon has a passion for putting people into the right positions through simple, accurate and scientific methodologies. These methodologies can be used throughout the entire human resources spectrum: recruitment, development, succession planning and managing individuals.

Let's help you customise the ideal traits for your next high-level vacancy. Together we would put benchmarks in place for behavioural traits, emotional intelligence, cognitive ability, integrity and possibly values. These are critical dimensions to assess when making that decision for your next executive/ director vacancy. The cost of bringing onboard the wrong person far outweighs the cost of a placement fee and a few assessments.

This article is also an invitation to doing some introspective work, through which you can discover your own behavioural profile, decision making, leadership, motivators and sales style. The PDA Assessment is a tool which does not classify behavioural profiles as "good or bad", but describes the characteristics of each individual person. For a free assessment visit

For more information contact, Cheryl Mackinnon, Principal Partner - KwaZulu-Natal
Mobile: +27 73 669 2670


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