SLG - A Leading Supplier Of Compressed Natural Gas
SLG - A Leading Supplier Of Compressed Natural Gas

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SLG - A Leading Supplier Of Compressed Natural Gas


SLCNG (Pty) Ltd (SLCNG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SLG (Pty) Ltd (SLG) and South Africa's largest supplier of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), commenced operations in 2015.

The company's unique CNG technology allows for efficient and cost effective delivery of relatively large volumes of gas to customers within a 150 kilometres radius of its facility near Durban, opening up a new gas market that is remote from the existing gas pipeline infrastructure. Methane-rich gas is compressed at its facility in Umbogintwini Industrial Complex, loaded into pressurised vessels and trucked to customers.

Customers convert to CNG from various fuels such as LPG, IP, diesel and petrol because it is 20-30% cheaper and emits 20-40% less CO and CO2. It is also completely safe to use and SLCNG provides its customers with continuous training and technical support to ensure that they do so safely and efficiently.

SLCNG's highly qualified technical staff manage the conversion of new customers' existing combustion systems to CNG and install any necessary equipment to depressurise the gas.

SLCNG's compression facility is located within a national key point to ensure the reliability of vital utilities (such as electricity) required for its operation. It also has strong service level agreements with international CNG original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to facilitate collaboration and ensure that SLCNG's plant and delivery vessels meet international standards in respect of quality and reliability. These steps ensure a reliable CNG supply value chain.

SLCNG is a Level 1 B-BBEE company (100% black-owned) and prides itself on its transformation agenda, with more than 60% of its 17 full time employees being female (including its Head of Operations).

The company has had resounding successes in its operations and continues to be entrusted to supply Just-In-Time CNG to customers, one of which is JSE listed manufacturer in Pietermaritzburg.

Since SLCNG's inception, it has continuously invested in delivery equipment and in the facility to increase its compression capacity. These measures have contributed towards its 100% redundancy and the reliability of the supply. SLCNG undertakes a close analysis of customers' processes to understand their production patterns and any operational bottlenecks. This enables technicians to respond to any difficulties without delay.

Globally, CNG is globally considered to be unsurpassed for transportation purposes. Eighty five countries on five continents use it for their natural gas vehicles (NGVs), which number up to 20 million. Other reasons for its popularity include:
  • its 70-year history of proven technology
  • its use of a 600-degree Celsius ignition temperature compared to 450 degrees for LPG and petroleum, making it a much safer fuel
  • its ability to function in a large range of conditions as well as its inability to freeze (common with diesel)
  • its ability to reduce CO emissions by 95% (compared to petrol, hydrocarbon emissions (80%) and nitrogen oxides (30%))
Although SLCNG was conceived to initially target the industrial sector, it has potential for natural gas-powered vehicles. To leverage this advantage, SLCNG has commenced a pilot test with the OEMs of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. It is anticipated that SLCNG will have an advantage over its competitors in this endeavour due to its established operations. 

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SLG - A Leading Supplier Of Compressed Natural Gas

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