Ezemvelo Wildlife - Remote Kwazulu‐Natal School Afforded Access To Computers
Ezemvelo Wildlife - Remote Kwazulu‐Natal School Afforded Access To Computers

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Ezemvelo Wildlife - Remote Kwazulu‐Natal School Afforded Access To Computers


The handover ceremony of a R200 000 fully‐equipped container‐based computer facility took place on Tuesday, 5 March 2014 at Chibini in the Lufafa area outside Ixopo. This facility has brought Sinevuso Secondary School, a remote school, deep in rural KwaZulu‐Natal, into the 21st century, providing disadvantaged learners with their first ever experience of computer technology.

The School, was established in 1998, but has never been equipped with computers. Working in partnership with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife ‐ an organisation greatly concerned about improving educational facilities at rural schools ‐ the South African Muslim Charitable Trust (SAMCT) agreed to make available the converted container and to equip it with the IT tools as a means of assisting disadvantaged learners broaden their horizons.

Commenting on the computer room project, SAMCT Chairman, Mr Mahomed Omar, said: "This project will provide for not only the upliftment, but ‐ more importantly ‐ the educational empowerment of present and future learners from this area. This container‐based computer room is destined to open up a whole new world of learning."

He stressed: "Those learners with enquiring minds will soar to new heights and that new knowledge will stand those learners in good stead for the future." The SAMCT is active in four primary sectors, inclusive of education, health, social development and poverty alleviation. Whilst the SAMCT generally identifies and executes such programmes independently, it will, in certain cases, partner with reputable organisations to ensure that funds reach the most deserving of recipients.

The Sinevuso Secondary School computer room donation proved just such a project. Mr Omar said of the partnership: "Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife holds very similar socio‐economic goals as the SAMCT as regards commitment to improving educational facilities. A partnership with this organisation for the development of this project therefore proved to be a very comfortable fit."

The partnership agreed the most pressing need facing the school was access to computers and Mr Omar said: "A good education is the foundation for life and is of critical importance in the lives of all this country's youth. Without a sound education, learners will find it increasingly difficult to get ahead in life." Speaking during the handover ceremony, an excited Ezemvelo CEO Dr B. Mkhize praised the role that is played by the SAMCT and further appealed to the school and the community at large to look take good care of these computers. “Every parent should be concerned about the education of their children. The Government can do so much and you and I need to work hard in our own space to level the playing fields between the urban and rural schools.”

The handover ceremony was attended by different community structures including the local Inkosi, Ms T. Ndlovu who also made a call to the community to look after the container‐based computer facility like “izikhali zamaNtungwa” 

Ezemvelo Wildlife - Remote Kwazulu‐Natal School Afforded Access To Computers

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