The Greater Mbizana Regional Bulk Water Supply Scheme
The Greater Mbizana Regional Bulk Water Supply Scheme

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UMGENI Water Board members paid a site visit to a 900 million dam to observe the progresses that has been done since it began in 2010. The Greater Mbizana Regional Bulk Water Supply Scheme which is located at Bizana in Ludeke rural village is one of the huge dams which will supply approximately 44,500 households.

The area of Bizana is the largest rural area and it has been hard hit by huge backlogs of water and sanitation. However, the dam is expected to provide clean drinking water for the communities that have waited a long time for this. The shortage of water in the area was not only affecting residents, even local hospital and business were also affected in the running of their daily work. But now it seems that the long awaited dreams of many years will come true soon. The Ludeke Dam is located at the confluence of the Ludeke and kuNtlamvukazi rivers with tributaries of the river approximately 16 km north west of Bizana. The dam wall will be 40m high, 240 m long.

“There has been good progress since the start of the dam because we have completed the raw water pump station and raw water pipeline from Ludeke Dam to Nomlacu Water Treatment Plant,” said Umgeni project manager Dave Stephen. He said the completion of the dam is due for February 2013. “We are certainly happy about the progress that has been made although there are some challenges particularly in areas of Alfred Nzo District Municipality,” said chairman of Umgeni Water Board Andile Mahlalutye.

He said they are facing the challenge of land claims. Meanwhile project managers lashed out at Alfred Nzo District Municipality, especially the office of the infrastructure manager for their lack of ability to take over where OR Tambo left off after Mbizana was incorporated into Alfred Nzo District Municipality to make sure that the implementation of the project is up to standard. Even the Umgeni Water Agent Board was unhappy about the role that was supposed to be played by the District Municipality.

The board and project managers have decided to ask for an agent meeting with Alfred Nzo Mayor Eunice Diko regarding the non capability of Hlazo’s office. Responding to the criticism, Alfred Nzo District Municipality communications manager, Ndabuko Masumpa said they want to clearly put it on record that it is committed to the implementation of the Mbizana Bulk Water Supply Scheme and they are looking forward to working with Umgeni Water as a service provider employed by government in this initiative. He also said they want to clearly state that as a sphere of government in this district they have a role to co-ordinate, implement and monitor service provision to their communities in the interest of advancing development and in this project the same approach will apply.


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