Esquire birthday celebrations: Esquire is kwaai!
Customers had plenty to do in between shopping at the Esquire technologies 18th birthday celebrations (Photo:Wikus De Wet)

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Esquire birthday celebrations: Esquire is kwaai!


Esquire Technologies ushered in their 18th birthday celebrations in style, celebrating alongside their customers, clients and stakeholders on Saturday July 29. The celebrations took place at their Samrand headquarters in Gauteng, which saw specials galore on all products and services available.

Esquire Technologies is an award-winning company that caters to the reselling of IT, security and digital lifestyle products in southern Africa and has rapidly developed into the 18-year old giant it is today.

Thousands queued from before dawn to cash in on the amazing specials, which was a way for Esquire to give back and thank all the loyal clients and customers who have supported them over the years.

Mahomed Cassim, chief executive of Esquire Technologies, noted: “The support is overwhelming, more than what we expected. I there from 5.30am and people were already queuing up at the gate, waiting for those deals. It was absolutely crazy in the morning, and it didn’t stop all day. It has been a good day! Interactions between our clients and customers, that’s the most important for us. Our 18th birthday celebrations have been brilliant, and we hope to carry on for the next 18 years!”

Asgar Mahomed, the managing director, echoed his brother’s sentiments: “Saturday’s function was really brilliant â€" we had an exceptional turnout. We have it once a year, but this year I think, with it being our 18th year, people came out to really support and make sure we really did well.”

The day was filled with product promotions, live demonstrations and plenty of entertainment for children. Go-kart racing, jumping castles, face painting and live acts kept the kids busy as parents stocked up on the specials and involved themselves in the live actions of the day.

Hisense, HP, Seagate, LG, Eaton, Lenovo, Microsoft, Philips, De Longhi, Home of Living Brands such as Russell Hobbes and international partners Sharkoon, Manhattan and Apacer all showcased their latest offerings on the day.

Cassim was proud to work alongside the many brands and vendors who continue to support the business. Every member was acknowledged and valued on the day: “Hats off to our vendors, they pulled off quite the show, demonstrating their products, talking to our clients, showcasing the latest technologies,” said Cassim.


Food and drinks were available for all in attendance at no extra charge as a way to thank loyal customers. Stomachs were full and happy as music and entertainment kept the atmosphere upbeat. Director and comedian Leon Schuster and actor Alfred “Shorty” Ntombela made special guest appearances and surprised many fans, who were excited to meet the South African heroes. They led the way as the birthday cake was cut and rehashed their fond memories working alongside the brothers Mahomed and Cassim over the years.

“Leon and Alfred has always been there. Hats off to both of them, they are brilliant people. The combination of the two, unbelievable!” said Asgar.

Schuster said: “Asgar got involved with movies in South Africa as a financier, many years ago. He is involved in my next production. You’ve got another 18 years to go, then you’re still not as old me! But big ups to them and their successes to date.”

Ntombela noted the special bond formed over the years. “They’re my brothers. It’s an honour to have this friendship with Asgar and Mahomed, because they are people who are always out there for the community in various charity initiatives, and we have a long way to still go with them. “

Celebrities Kabelo Mabalane and Danny K were also spotted at the celebrations and stocking up on the specials galore.

Every hour, on the hour, Esquire and their branded partners handed out prizes out to lucky customers who had entered into the draws of the day.

Sandra Barkley walked away with a special grand prize. “It was awesome. The food is fantastic. The vibe has been nice. It’s been an enjoyable day. We come all the time every year and we love it. My husband’s company supports Esquire a lot and that’s why we keep coming back to support. We bought three laptops today and went into the draw. I wanted a prize today and I won.”

As vendors, Barkley and her husband are regular clients of Esquire too. “We come here at least twice a week, looking for specials and deals. We recommend them to everybody. We have bought a lot of stuff from them over the years and we have never had an issue. We love this place. We love coming here.”

Satisfied customers

Moshoeu Makofane has been a regular customer with Esquire since 2007. “I am a reseller in Limpopo. I buy many things from the brothers. When I come to Esquire, I know I am going to get everything I want. I have a great relationship with them. They are able to help me with lots of stuff. I’m also able to return stuff, unlike other stores. I think they respect us as clients. Back then, we struggled initially. They started offering us solutions like the delivery service, which make our lives easier. They come forward and meet us halfway.”

The family business has expanded well over the years; many of the initial staff are still working there and loving the space and growth the business has to offer. Mariam Wadiwala, an employee for 18 years at Esquire, says she has the most amazing bosses. “They have an open door policy and make time for you as an employee, no matter what. They are there to listen and help. They help you grow as a person.”

Zaheera Mahomed, wife of Asgar Mahomed, has been there since the company’s inception. Lending a hand here and there, she is very proud of her husband and brother-in-law for their achievements. “It’s been a rough journey of ups and downs, but it has also been amazing and fruitful. I never imagined it would escalate into this. It’s been their hard work and dedication all the way. They put themselves into their customers’ shoes and then provide for them in that sense. That has helped them with their success over the years. The relationship has always been like family â€" they take their staff as family â€" they will continue to grow and succeed, I believe.”

With the 18-year milestone reached and celebrations over, the company is ready to serve for another 18 years and more as they cater to the needs of their customers in the best possible way and continue to serve as champions for SMMEs in South Africa. We salute you. Happy Birthday Esquire Technologies!

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Esquire birthday celebrations: Esquire is kwaai!

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