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The PROMOTION OF ACCESS TO INFORMATION ACT (PAIA) was promulgated in February 2000, and whilst its implementation since has been only partial, it is required that all Company's, CCs, Body Corporates, Trusts, Partnerships, and Sole Proprietorships comply with the Act's requirements by 31st December 2011.

Companies are required to prepare and post their PAIA Manual (Section 51 Information Manual) to the National Human Rights Commission by 31st December 2011. Compliance is compulsory and in addition to the threat of fines and possible imprisonment, the ability for any entity to transact with both its existing as well as potential Customers can be prejudiced.

DRG Outsourcing and Davis NKA Chartered Accountants are aware that most businesses have not yet embarked upon activity to ensure compliance with this legislation, and we have therefore expanded our legal compliance service to add value to our Customers by providing the required Manual, tailored to suit each companies unique requirements. The production of the Section 51 Manual is facilitated through the application of a specially developed software package. We will provide you with your Section 51 Manual in electronic and hard copy.

The fee for this service is: R 1 450.00 plus VAT for all business entities. A discounted fee of R 850.00 plus VAT will be charged to Chamber Members and Companies with turnovers of less that R 5m. We commit ourselves to providing uncompromising and professional service to yourself and your business.

Our aim is to spare you the distraction and time in addressing this important element of legal compliance.

For more information:
Telephone 031 767 0625
Fax 086 513 2805
Contact Person Charles Henzi / David White
Physical Address 2A Jan Smuts Avenue, Winston Park, Hillcrest 3650
Postal Address P.O. Box 817, Gillitts 3603

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