Prof Elain Vlok is presented with the Proudly SA Homegrown 2011 CSI Champion of the Year Award by Proudly SA CEO Mr Leslie Sedibe and MC Tumi Makgabo

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29 September 2011 - Clover Mama Afrika has been awarded the Proudly South African (Proudly SA) Homegrown Award 2011 in the CSI of the Year Corporate category. This prestigious award is also greatly attributed to the many individuals and corporates that participated in the Proudly South African Voting online or via fax for Clover Mama Afrika.

"In the true spirit of Proudly South African Ubuntu we thank everyone who voted for us on line and we really appreciate your continued support.This award we share with you as we could not have done it without your support and of course the good work of all our Clover Mamas." Proud message from Prof Elain Vlok.

The Proudly SA Homegrown Award was launched in July to celebrate and honour "Commitment to Excellence" by Proudly South Africans participating member companies. The competition included an online or fax voting form where entrants had to entice their contacts to vote for them. This section of the competition worked very well for Clover Mama Afrika as it contributed 45% towards the winning entry. As for the rest of the competition, the judging criteria were stringent as it included on site judging of the project to verify the entry. The judges visited one of the 35 Clover Mama Afrikas project for this purpose and this was at Mama Zakhe's centre of Princess. The judges were able to see and hear what the skills training given to the Mamas means to them.

"This is Clover Mama Afrika's third time winning this prestigious award and we are proud to be associated with and recognised as THE Proudly South African CSI of the Year project. Our work towards making a difference in the lives of many South African is an on-going process and we endeavour to do even more." Says Prof Elain Vlok.

Clover Mama Afrika won the Proudly SA Homegrown Bridge Builder of the Year in 2005 and the Social Responsibility Investment of the Year in 2006.


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