Alexander Forbes:Lighthouse Budget Speech Review
Alexander Forbes:Lighthouse Budget Speech Review

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Alexander Forbes Lighthouse Budget Speech



On 27 February 2013, the Finance Minister, Mr Pravin Gordhan, delivered the Fourth National Budget Speech of President Zuma’s administration and the National Budget proposals for South Africa in the next fiscal year.  

Mr Gordhan expects global economic uncertainty to remain with us for some time but South Africa’s economic outlook is improving. We must actively pursue a different trajectory if we are to address future challenges.

Gordhan says, “The challenge for us, honourable members, is that people are asking if we can sustain our
“miracle”. They are asking whether we as a nation have the ability, the will and the wisdom to take another leap forward in reconstructing and developing South Africa. They are asking whether South Africans can still show the world how to overcome intractable problems that face the community of nations. In these trying times, South Africans too ask the question, can we be a winning nation? Of course we can!”

Against this backdrop, the minister announced the tax proposals for the next year and the proposals being considered in future years.  

Here is a summary of the main tax proposals in the budget review. 

Click below link to view National Budget 2013/2014:
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national Budget 2013/2014

Alexander Forbes Lighthouse Budget Speech

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