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Vegan runner taking part in the Marathon des Sables

Fiona Oakes is an incredible athlete. At 14 years old she was struck down with a horrendous condition in her knee which resulted in a knee rep

lacement and the loss of one knee cap and severe damage to the other resulting from years spent on crutches. Despite having a knee replacement, Fiona holds 4 marathon course records and has finished in the top 20 at the London and Berlin Marathons.

Fiona is in training for the 2012 Marathon des Sables which is the toughest foot race on the planet. The race involves running 156 miles through the Sahara Desert carrying all your gear for the week in temperatres up to 50 C â€" it is the ultimate endurance challenge.

In addition to hoping to promote the general Vegan message (she is beleived to be the only lifelong vegan female to have participated in this event) she is raising funds for 3 important causes â€" Facing Africa (who carry out facial rebuild surgery on people who have had the disease NOMA â€" facial gangrene) plus, the Vegan Society, and the Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary where Fiona alone cares for aroud 400 rescues on her own with my help at the weekends.

Fiona is planning to give updates via her phone at every stage of the race, follow her on Twitter and become a fan of hers on her Facebook page.

Fry Group Foods

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