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HR Matters


HR Matters (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2002 to partner Individuals and Organizations, small or big, in their quest to realise their individual and organizational growth objectives. Of all the names you could possibly think of, some one could ask, why HR Matters? We liked the play with the word matters as it embodied both senses of what we set out to do, 1) Provide tools and services required to deal with both futuristic and operational/day to day Human Resources Leadership matters and 2) to raise the Human Resources profession’s flag, thereby magnifying how Human Resources Leadership mattered in all aspects of our individual and organizational lives, more so at the workplace.

Our pay off line  ”Problem Free Workplaces”  is our light hearted way of underlying how Human Resources Leadership as a philosophy and practice mattered now and into the future.  We ‘ve set ourslelves up to work with both individuals and organizations to identify, appreciate and understand their problems, perceived or real and to find appropriate solutions.  In this way we will be assured of being abble to give them problem free workplace experiences! Can any individual or organization reach such a state (Problem Free) unless they are dead, some may ask? Yes, definitely, we believe that once you ‘ve identified your problem you are well placed to deal with it fairly and squarely…and thus become problem free.  Would this mean no other problems will ever be experienced, I hear someone asking?, Yes and No, Yes in the sense that once a problem has been dealt with, it must be done with once and for all and No, in that a workplace is impacted by internal and external factors which are within and without the spehere of control of  neither leadership nor staff, therefore the need to regularlarly take time out to identify, appreciate and understand what you, as an individual or an organization,  are up against.

We are of the firm view that Human Capital Development and Management is key for success of nations as it not only talks to the success of workplaces but of various communities in any society.  People or Human energy as others would put it, is one resource that individuals and Organizations have in abundance and yet upright and straight thinking people in organizations including Business and Governments in 3rd world Countries forget this!   For as long as we as individuals, organizations and society pretend we do not know this, we shall forever be set with problems at the workplace and society.

 On a serious note, we would one day want to see a problem free South Africa through application of the same philosophies and approaches we urge our clients (Individuals and Organizations) to live by in their determination to succeed.  The workplace is of course a micro cosm of the wider society and where the majority of people spend a large part of their lives, to  the point where they desrcibe who they are in the context of their jobs.  We shall leave it here for now and lets see what you think?

Please visit our website, for more information on us and on how we go about our Business.  May you have a great year ahead.

HR Matters

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