Richards Bay Coal Terminal - Joint effort attributed to coal export record


There has been a significant improvement in the coal supply chain. The communication and coordination with TFR has improved with joint planning and coordination of all operational issues. Overall we are engaging more with the stakeholders, specifically TFR, Coal Exporting Parties (CEPs) and TNPA which allows us to improve the planning and performance of the value chain.

2013 was the first phase where we focused on stabilising and improving internal RBCT efficiencies and we believe this has yielded positive results. We communicated our initiatives with our stakeholders and they were also sharing their initiatives with us.

The second phase of the improvement in the supply chain will involve realising the full benefits of TFR’s Shongololo initiative. The Shongololo initiative is having 200 wagons moving from selected mines, bypassing the Ermelo yard, coming directly to RBCT and the same set going back to the mines again, thereby reducing the cycle times. The planning and coordination between TFR, RBCT and the CEPs is crucial for the success of this initiative.