ADT Security:  Moving home
ADT Security: Moving home

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Moving Home


We understand exactly how stressful moving is. ADT can make your move smoother and much safer. First, look at the Moving Home "Do's and Don'ts" guidelines below.

The Do's and Don'ts of making your home ADT safe.

  • First, ensure you're secured from Day 1 Well before your move call ADT and tell us about your impending move and where you're moving to. If we have a presence in your area or neighbourhood (as the largest security company in every major centre we should have!) we'll give you a free security assessment and quote, depending on your new home's needs.
  • Remember, when you move, you may still have a contract obligation with ADT If you have a contract at your existing address, you can negotiate with ADT to terminate your contract if you sign a new contract at your existing address. It may also assist if the person buying your home takes over your security equipment and signs a contract with ADT.
  • Extra people, extra watchful When you move, there'll always be a lot of strangers in and around your home, like movers, builders, painters, electricians, and others. Be extra watchful. Be around when they are. If possible, get friends around to help you and be there on moving day.
  • Jewellery and other valuablesRare and valuable items such as jewellery and cameras should be kept,as far as possible, totally out of sight. Pack these separately and lock them away at a trusted relative or friend's house until the move is over.
  • Important documents and ID'sThese items should also be packed and kept separately, preferably at a trusted relative or a friend's house until the move is over.
  • Guards on Moving DayDepending on your needs, you may wish to hire a guard at either your old house, new house or both on moving day. This will deter opportunistic theft which occurs all too often. Call ADT for more information about our residential guarding services.

Moving Home

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