Bearing Man Group:Extending our heat exchanger business (Apr 2013)
Bearing Man Group:Extending our heat exchanger business (Apr 2013)

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Bearing Man Group Extending our heat exchanger business (Apr 2013)


BMG’s focus on extending its heat exchange business encompasses a new arrangement where SA Heat Exchange provides a manufacture, refurbishment and repair service for BMG to all industries, particularly to the sugar sector.

“In conjunction with SA Heat Exchange, BMG now offers the supply and support of an extensive range of heat exchange products that includes Transon modular shell and tube heat exchangers, Blockfin heavy duty extended fin heat exchangers and an ultrasonic cleaning and treatment service,” says Richard Strickland, divisional director, engineered products, BMG â€" Bearing Man Group. “Transon modular shell and tube heat exchangers, which have been used in the local sugar industry for over 35 years, are designed for sugar processing operations that include coolers, economisers and mash feed heaters, as well as calorifiers, after coolers and condensers.”

Transon systems, which are based on the latest heat transfer and process technology, are designed for the efficient and safe handling of hydraulic oil in large gearbox systems. These heat exchangers are used in a large sector of industry - not only as oil coolers, but also where fluid needs to cooled, or even heated.

This versatile heat exchanger system consists of modules that facilitate compact plant design and the efficient utilisation of space. The modular design, which comprises one or more shell and tube type standard units, enables installations to be extended to meet increased capacity requirements.

Transon versatile heat exchanger systems now encompass the U3 series of oil coolers and the newly designed U5 series, available at short lead times.

Single and multi-module units can be arranged in horizontal or vertical configurations, depending on capacity and size requirements. Mounting stands are designed for simple, quick installation to match the related pipe work.

This heat exchanger system is available in a wide range of steels and alloys, as well as corrosion and abrasion resistant materials. Standardised interchangeable components enable short lead times and early delivery of units and spares.

Fluid separation is an important safety feature of this heat exchanger system. In the event of seal deterioration, an atmospheric gap ensures that fluid leaks externally, preventing internal mixing and cross contamination of fluids.

Elastomeric mountings enable the tube bundle to float within the shell when subjected to fluctuating temperatures, thereby eliminating induced thermal shock loads.

For high thermal efficiency, a unique patented shell pass baffle assembly ensures uni-directional flow at relatively high velocity, eliminating dead spots. Straight tubes enable unrestricted flow.

During maintenance, individual tubes, or the complete tube bundle, can be removed and replaced in-situ, without disconnecting the related pipework. No special tools are required and seals are easily replaceable.

SA Heat Exchange, which specialises in the manufacture of extended fin products for the sugar industry in South Africa and in Africa, utilises high speed fin manufacturing technology to provide the latest, robust industrial grade fin products.

The Blockfin range includes industrial heavy duty finned air blast heat exchangers and steam heated air driers, as well as coolers and heaters of oil, water, air and gas.

Fins, which are manufactured from aluminium, stainless steel and copper, are slid over the tube to provide a tight fin-tube joint for minimal thermal loss. Central to the integrity of this range is the quality of the tube to tube sheet welding process.

Standard aluminium fins generally cannot withstand the cleaning operation of high pressure jets, but these fins are robust and are able to endure this cleaning process.

Modular options are available to extend the existing capacity. These systems meet stringent ASME and TEMA construction code specifications.

Another critical service for the sugar sector is an ultrasonic cleaning process that ensures even the toughest heat exchanger components are thoroughly cleaned to an exacting finish. The company uses an ultrasound technique to clean and treat tube plates and tube bundles â€" there is no need for harsh chemicals or rodding. This system is also used to clean petrochemical inlet and candle filters internally and externally â€" it would not be possible to clean a filter’s microscopic pores perfectly without ultrasound.

Bearing Man Group Extending our heat exchanger business (Apr 2013)

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