Tafta kicks off 60th celebrations with touching cinema advert


The Association for the Aged (Tafta) kicked off its 60th year of existence in grand style, launching its first ever cinema advert at an exclusive red carpet event on Friday.

The evening, attended by Durban’s top personalities and loyal supporters, made way for the organisation to unveil its first ever cinema advertisement which forms part of Tafta’s latest “Follow Me” campaign.

The advert takes the viewer through the life of a young woman, as her mother leads her by the arm through her youth to adulthood with various momentous life moments, until the mother is too old to lead.

“This advert reflects Tafta’s core values and sends out a powerful message of inspiring hope and new possibilities,” said Tafta CEO Femada Shamam.

She added that the advert reflected a symbol of hope and dignity aimed to educate and inform and take the viewer through the journey of life.

“We all experience our own journey and will eventually reach old age. This advert encompasses this and provides a strong sense of hope and belonging.”

The powerful advert left the audience inspired; knowing hope still reigned with the helping hand of people who surround you.

This message set the tone for Tafta’s 60th anniversary celebration – assuring the viewer that Tafta will always reach out at a time when one is in most need.

“It tugged at my heart strings,” said a guest Riona Jagathpal adding that it left her determined to live each moment to the fullest and more importantly to value elders in our lives.

Another guest, Lotus FM DJ Varshan Sookhun said that the impactful advert portrayed the key objectives of Tafta and was an ideal way of reaching the community with a deeply heartening message.

Guests were treated to popcorn and sodas whilst being serenaded by beautiful violin tunes before enjoying the movie, The Circle, starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson.

The prize draw made way for two lucky guests to receive decadent treats from Chateaux Gateaux while lucky guest, Yasantha Naidoo, walked away with the main prize of a fun-filled family get-away for four at Cayley Lodge valued R10 000,00, sponsored by Platinum Destinations.




For media enquiries contact Gail Samuels on: 031 332 3721 or email: gails@tafta.org.za

Website: www.tafta.org.za

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TAFTA.KZN/

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ABOUT Tafta – The Association for the Aged

Tafta is one of South Africa’s leading, registered non-profit organisation in Care in KZN.

Established in 1958, for more than 5 decades, Tafta has been the leading provider of Care focusing primarily on the needs of the elderly and vulnerable groups in Durban.

Our unique value proposition lies in creating value for clients and our partners with a key focus on outcomes and benefits. Our strength in healthcare, community outreach programmes and community development initiatives are our main differentiators.   We seamlessly integrate our services with best in class processes and programmes that maximise efficiency, quality, safety and service excellence.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to encourage and promote active ageing in older people-to live as independent members of the community for as long as possible, and to care for those who are no longer able to look after themselves. Our aim is to alleviate distress of the elderly and other vulnerable groups by using our resources in the most effective and efficient manner and where the need is greatest.


Our Vision:

“Leaders in innovative solutions for elders, inspiring a life worth living”