Tafta calls on South Africans to honour and celebrate the elderly this Heritage Day


The Association for the Aged (Tafta) has called on South Africans to honour and celebrate the elderly as living legacies to our heritage.

Tafta’s call comes ahead of Heritage Day, which recognises different aspects of South African culture and encourages South Africans across the spectrum to celebrate their cultural heritage, the diversity of their beliefs and different traditions.

Tafta reaffirms the position of elders in our society adding that they pass on the wisdom and experience of generations gone before them.

“It’s Heritage Day weekend in South Africa and a perfect time for us to recommit ourselves to the care of our elders as our living legacies. They hold the secret to our histories, our backgrounds and lay the foundation for our path to success in life, “says CEO Femada Shamam.

The organisation encourages South Africans to recognise the plight of the elderly in our country and urges communities to embrace the past and celebrate the future.

“Elders form an important part of South African heritage. This year I’ve pledged, to not just care for the elders in my own life, but to listen more closely, to appreciate their tales of yesteryear, and to embrace them and acknowledge the contributions they’ve made to the person I am.

“This Heritage Day, my message is simple; let’s all pay tribute to the living legacy in our own lives, our elders,” added Shamam.

She says Tafta holds a strong value-based position, which puts the experience of elders at the centre of their work.

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