Tafta commemorates 60th anniversary with limited edition super-model calendar
The Tafta Shwe… the Wearable Library team behind the 2018 commemorative calendar: (L-R) Marthie Ras, Sylvia Young, Edith Becky, Julia Franco, Alethia Smit and Gloria Cooper-Smith

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Tafta commemorates 60th anniversary with limited edition super-model calendar


The Association for the Aged (Tafta) is commemorating its 60th anniversary with a special edition calendar featuring a unique group of 'super' models - the Association's residents.

The elders, who were all dressed by leading Fashion brand Shwe... The Wearable Library, posed against the backdrop of iconic Durban locations such as the Durban Country Club and Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Lucky Miss January and December, Charmaine Govender, 64, enjoyed the pampering of having her hair and makeup done professionally for the first time by make-up artist Jacky Jetnarayan and stylist Tasleem Hamid. 

Thara Mungar, 83, who was the eldest resident to participate in the calendar, said the experience had taken her out of her comfort zone but made her extremely proud of herself. "These were opportunities we'd never been presented with when we were young. I loved the pampering; it brought back memories of my youth".

The thought that resonated with all of the calendar's participants was the fact that it transcended the traditional outlook on beauty. Said resident Dudu Khumalo, 73: "I enjoyed it. I'd never imagined myself in a calendar when I was younger, and it makes one realise at this age, there is so much more to beauty than what we see if, even at my age, I can be a 'calendar girl'."

Tafta CEO Femada Shamam said the decision to feature their elders in the calendar, instead of using models, was a significant one. "We believe sincerely that our elders truly do inspire a life worth living and we were happy to use the opportunity that the calendar presented to illustrate how beauty can indeed transcend the boundaries of youth and age. I believe the end product showcases this point; every one of our very special Tafta brand ambassadors featured in the calendar radiates the beauty of wisdom and a life well lived."

The calendars, which the association has handed out to staff to commemorate their 60th anniversary, proved to be a labour of love for the production team, who each gave of their time and resources to support the effort at no cost. 

Brazillian Julia Franco, who runs the successful Shwe... the wearable library enterprise, has been working with the Tafta knitting club, a group of elders who contribute to the Shwe line with their hand-knit swatches, for the past two years. Said Franco of the experience: "We were thrilled to dress the calendar participants. The Tafta knitting club has contributed to the growth of the brand, and it's been such a rewarding experience for us all."

Make-Up artist Jack Jetnarayan and hairstylist Tasleem Hamid said they were both grateful to have given their time to such a special project: "There were so many priceless moments for me during this shoot," said Hamid.

Graham Carruthers, a photographer who has worked in the industry for 17 years, said he was extremely happy to help out. Carruthers' affiliation to the Association dates back to Tafta's opening in 1958, when the male-only NPO Roundtable No1, helped get Tafta off the ground with funding. Carruthers is a member of the next generation Roundtable No 2 and said he looked forward to helping the Association commemorate its 60th year in 2018.

Members of the public interested in purchasing the limited edition calendar to support the NPO may contact info@tafta.org.za

Click below link to view limited edition super-model calendar:

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For media enquiries contact:

Gail Samuels on 031 332 3721 or email: gails@tafta.org.za or

Prevashni Naidu on 031 332 3721or email: prevashni@tafta.org.za

Website: www.tafta.org.za

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TAFTA.KZN/

Twitter: @TAFTA_SA

ABOUT Tafta - The Association for the Aged

Tafta is one of South Africa's leading, registered non-profit organisation in Care in KZN.

Established in 1958, for more than five decades, Tafta has been the leading provider of Care focusing primarily on the needs of the elderly and vulnerable groups in Durban.

Our unique value proposition lies in creating value for clients and our partners with a key focus on outcomes and benefits. Our strength in healthcare, community outreach programmes and community development initiatives are our main differentiators.   We seamlessly integrate our services with best in class processes and programmes that maximise efficiency, quality, safety and service excellence. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to encourage and promote active ageing in older people-to live as independent members of the community for as long as possible and to care for those who are no longer able to look after themselves. Our aim is to alleviate distress of the elderly and other vulnerable groups by using our resources in the most effective and efficient manner and where the need is greatest.

Our Vision:

"Leaders in innovative solutions for elders, inspiring a life worth living."

Tafta commemorates 60th anniversary with limited edition super-model calendar

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