Marking A Milestone - Tafta's 60 Year Legacy


After six decades of serving the needs of KwaZulu-Natal’s elderly, community building and facilitating meaningful participation of newcomers, the organisation remains at the forefront of elder care, constantly developing its model to meet the needs of the ageing population.

Tafta remains a beacon of hope, love and belonging for elder care, and sixty years on, remains committed enhancing their quality of life. The organisation has cemented its reputation as a leader in providing safe, sheltered housing and care for elderly people in need within the eThekwini region.

“We take stock as we celebrate this milestone anniversary and recognise that our success and our growth over 60 years has been the result of contributions by many individuals, partners, funders and supporters.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the passion and investment of our stakeholder community,” says CEO Femada Shamam.

Through six decades of dedicated service, Tafta has remained at the forefront of elder care, its vision is to aspire to a society where all people including the elderly, are treated with respect and dignity and to have the opportunity to live fulfilled lives.

Fostering a culture of care, based on Tafta’s core values of compassion, respect, cooperation, integrity and service excellence, staff possess an innate desire to care for the elderly. This uncompromised standard of service has propelled the organisation’s mandate, touching the lives of more than 5 500 senior citizens in KwaZulu-Natal.

“Tafta’s milestone celebration will weave a retrospective of the past 60 years into a fabric of predictions for a future abundant with great possibilities.

It gives us a chance to reflect on our promise to care for an aging society and envision our future plans,” says Shamam. To mark the diamond jubilee celebration, Tafta, will roll out a series of events and activations throughout the year, highlighting its mission to inspire active ageing.