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Getting Ahead of the Holidays


Getting Ahead of the Holidays

The summer holidays are around the corner and at Woodford Car Hire, we know you can never be prepared enough. That’s why we’ve complied this handy list of five tips to get you ahead of everyone else:

Book Your Car in Advance

There’s nothing worse than getting off a busy flight to find that the last car you wanted was hired out a few minutes before. Woodford makes car hire as effortless as possible, so make sure you get the perfect car for your journey with a few early clicks.

Woodford Car Hire’s website and booking platform is easy-to-use and fully adaptable to mobile devices and tablets, so you can book online anywhere, any time.

Map Your Route Early

You might want to take some time to plan your route; South Africa has a multitude of attractions and picturesque sites that are slightly off the beaten track. Check your map and the signage and get off the highway to find these little gems.

If you’d like a bit of help while you’re on the road in getting to where you need to go, you can do away with the dusty maps and rent a GPS navigator from any of our branches as an extra!

Stay Connected

Stock up on the latest travel apps before you hit the road. It’s worth investing in apps that teach you local languages and highlight local sightseeing spots. Advanced weather apps like WeatherPro and currency converting apps like XE Currency are all handy to have when travelling.

At Woodford Car Hire, we’re crazy about keeping up with the latest in technology. Our systems â€" from bookings to tracking of vehicles â€" are cutting edge, ensuring that you have a smooth and safe journey, beginning to end.

Travel Early or Late in the day

Research indicates that the best time to avoid traffic in the holidays is early in the morning or at night. It’s best to drive when there’s still light out so we suggest you hit the road just before dawn.

Woodford’s airport branches are open every day of the week, usually from 6am until 10pm.

Be Clever About Packing

It’s best to travel light, so if you’re travelling by plane you can try to avoid checking in luggage, which will save, you time waiting at the carousel when you land. Sort your clothing out by using Ziploc bags with labels; this will not only save you space but also help you locate what you need quickly. There’s a great app called Packing Pro that takes your holiday info and tells you exactly what you should pack.

Woodford Car Hire can also assist in ensuring that you have sufficient space should you have excess luggage, speak to us in advance to upgrade your vehicle so the family doesn’t end up with any bags on their laps. Woodford’s range is vast so rest assured that we’ll find the vehicle to suit you… and your luggage.

Getting Ahead of the Holidays

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