Annisha Shree - A Property Development Enterprise Making A Social Difference
Annisha Shree - A Property Development Enterprise Making A Social Difference

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Annisha Shree - A Property Development Enterprise Making A Social Difference


KwaZulu-Natal based property development giant and market leader, Shree Property Holdings, pushes the industrial, commercial and residential property boundaries, optimising business solutions for clients... but this is also a company with a deep-seated social conscience.

The company balances its drive to create environments conducive to business optimisation with an inherent commitment to creating a better future for the historically disadvantaged. In 2014 and looking beyond business, the Shree Future Foundation was established, recognising that South Africa is affected by innumerable socio-economic challenges.

Commenting, Annisha Shree, Chief Financial Officer of Shree Property Holdings and founder of the Shree Future Foundation, said, "Just as the company assists business enterprises overcome their challenges, so our Foundation assists the disempowered conquer obstacles to self-development." She said the business sector had a responsibility to 'give back', by assisting to meet today's societal needs. The Shree Future Foundation was the company's response. To add impetus, the Foundation partnered with a women's organisation, Soroptimist International Durban Club - of which Annisha Shree is also a member and Past President - giving effect to a range of social initiatives.

"The delivery to young people of a sound tertiary education, regardless of their backgrounds and economic circumstances is an imperative and our primary aim is to provide all-encompassing tertiary education for deserving learners from disadvantaged environments," added Shree.

Accordingly, the Shree Future Foundation, supported by Soroptimist Durban, has developed a model for identifying deserving schools and hosting events to inform school principals and teachers about the criteria it applies in evaluating potential bursary candidates.

Soroptimist Durban President, Saijal Bandulal, said, "We have found that our more disadvantaged schools and learners know little about the mechanics of applying for bursaries, meaning many learners with exceptional academic results are denied study opportunities because of affordability issues."

Yatisha Ramdarie, Past President of Soroptimist Durban said: "We employ sound methodology for the evaluation of candidates, including a panel of professionals in various fields, ensuring that we identify learners with the best potential and whose economic circumstances would otherwise preclude them from university study."

Since inception, the Shree Future Foundation has entirely funded full-time bursaries for three students. Each bursary includes total tuition funding for four years, text book requirements, a laptop and transport costs, coupled with emotional support and mentorship. Beneficiaries are also afforded a year's work experience within Shree Property Holdings, grooming graduates for careers in the world of work.

Supported graduates have proved 'absolute diamonds', the result of the selection methodology, together with the learners' commitment to repaying the faith placed in them.

Soroptimist Durban has, to date, funded one UNISA student's part-time study and a need exists now to expand the bursary programme, but it faces funding constraints in the quest to meeting its simple intent, 'building our community one graduate at a time'.

Acknowledging the vast numbers of disadvantaged learners 'slipping through the cracks' as a consequence of financial constraints, the aim is to take the bursary scheme to a new level, whilst ensuring programme sustainability.

"Creating educational opportunities for star disadvantaged learners is critical and we want to support 10 local learners with bursaries per year for four years and roll this over annually. This aim will only be sustainable with business support," said Ramdarie.

Bandulal added, "In order for Soroptimist Durban to obtain funds, we are launching a bursary growth drive and invite individuals, businesses and corporates to partner with us to fund bursaries so that deserving candidates can go to university."

She added, "We appeal to KwaZulu-Natal's business community to come on-board, pledging from as little as R5 000 a year for a four-year period, or multiple years, up to the cost of a full bursary, collectively enabling us to change the life of learners and their families forever."

The launch of the Soroptimist Durban Bursary Foundation is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018. Details will be advertised shortly and those interested in attending the launch event and joining the bursary funding drive are invited to email: or call 083 777 1790.

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Annisha Shree - A Property Development Enterprise Making A Social Difference

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