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15 NOVEMBER 2011
I want to welcome members of the media who are with us this morning. It is almost three years, since we inaugurated the current cabinet. In my first address as the premier of the Province of KwaZulu-Natal, I expressed my appreciation to the people of this province that had voted for the ANC overwhelmingly in the 2009 general elections.

By and large, the huge voter turnout (80%) during the general elections indicated the maturity of our democracy and reaffirmed our belief that the future of this province and this country is in secure hands. At this point I want to express my appreciation to my colleagues in the African National Congress, alliance partners, the youth league, the women’s league and the MKMVA for the support given to Cabinet since we assumed office.This has been one of the remarkable years of our democracy. I am saying this because the ANC, the leagues and association have made it possible for the members of cabinet to hit the ground running in executing the new mandate.
Their ongoing commitment and dedication towards the advancement of the vision of our forebears of this democracy serve as an inspiration to all of us. As I have always stated, it is upon us, as elected representatives of our people, to take our responsibility seriously by working hard and conduct ourselves in a manner befitting the party that has started the hundredth year of its existence.
I want to pay tribute to all my colleagues in the provincial executive who have served with me since 2009. I thank all of them for their contribution which enabled me to execute my responsibilities as the leader of this government. Importantly, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of them for their contribution they have made towards making KwaZulu-Natal a better place. Most of you will recall that we took a decision to deploy all MECs across the length and  breadth of this province to act as district champions.
There can be no argument that they performed their tasks of speeding up service delivery with zeal and enthusiasm. Their impact will be felt in many more years to come. Both the ANC and alliance partners have noted that this government has made  progress in terms of achieving priorities that we announced at the beginning of our new term of office. We have created a responsive administration which is sensitive to people’s needs. We lead a transparent government which is intolerant of fraud and corruption.
We have emphasized the need for a number of other bodies in the community to act in concert and work with government. Traditional leaders, religious leaders, farm owners, farm workers and all the members of the society are involved in our programmes and strategies that are designed to eradicate poverty and eliminate the legacy of apartheid. The passion to ensure that KwaZulu-Natal work together to take South Africa forward is shared by all members of our diverse communities: African, Indian, Coloured and White
communities. More importantly, ever since 2009, the ANC as the ruling party has used KZN  Parliament to ensure that citizens feel part of the process of the creation of a better life for all.
All members of parliament have been playing their oversight role and have provided the basis for the accountability to the constituencies. The ANC Manifesto endorses the principle of accountability and oversight role of deployees of the ANC to accelerate services for a better life for all our people. Therefore, colleagues and members of the media present, we are gathered here today
to reaffirm our commitment as the ruling party that we will always ensure firm consideration to the plight of the electorates.

The needs of our people have changed immensely since 2009 and therefore we have to continuously improve our roles as elected representatives to keep up with change.  As disciplined members of the ANC we have unanimously agreed that unless we
become more relevant to people and are able to address their needs, we face the prospect of decline in the level of confidence members of society have in this 99 year  organization.
We have agreed that while it is important to celebrate the successes of this provincial government, we must take KZN into another trajectory of socio-economic development. We have, collectively, reviewed our plans and strategies in line with the aspirations of
our people.

In 2009 the people of this province asked of us to usher in new beginnings, today we can truly claim that we are look set to accelerate progress in order to achieve the following priorities:

• Agrarian and land reform, food security and rural development,
• Fighting Crime and corruption,
• Health,
• Education and
• Creating decent work and building a strong economy

Members of the media, I wish to announce the following changes in the provincial
executive council.

1. MEC for Agriculture, Rural Development and Environmental Affairs â€" Dr Meshack Radebe
2. MEC for Social Development â€" Mrs Weziwe Thusi
3. MEC for Human Settlement and Public Works â€" Mr Ravi Pillay
4. MEC for Arts, Culture, Sports and Recreation â€" Ms Ntombikayise Sibhidla

We have gone through discussions within the ruling party and have analyzed the contributions of all deployees in terms of speeding up service delivery.
We are satisfied with the level of their performance â€" we have however looked at the fact that November is actually midway before the end of the term and we have considered it prudent to make certain changes in the Executive. This has been done in order to accelerate service delivery.
This is a political decision, focusing on how to ensure that government improves the work it is doing. We thank those who have been part of the team. Although some of them have been withdrawn from the Executive, they will continue to be loyal members of the ANC to serve our people as elected members of our legislature.
As we unveil these changes, I wish to emphasize that the new incumbents are also members in good standing and they understand the mandate of the ANC. We congratulate them on their appointment and thank them for their contribution in society.

In closing, I wish to also announce that as part of our efforts aimed at stabilizing the work of government, the Head of Department of Social Development Mr Bheki Nkosi has been suspended.

We communicated with him several weeks ago why the suspension was being considered and he responded. Having considered all issues involved we have nevertheless decided to implement the decision.

I thank you,

Issued by the Office of the Premier
Spokesperson for the Premier, Ndabezinhle Sibiya, 082 3754742
Media Liaison Desk, Regi Khumalo, 0797516108 

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