JCCI - AFRICA 2019 Business Breakfast
JCCI - AFRICA 2019 Business Breakfast

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JCCI - AFRICA 2019 Business Breakfast


As South Africa continues to struggle to grow the economy at a sustainable rate, it is becoming ever more urgent for companies in South Africa to consider options in other African markets. Sub-Saharan Africa has grown at over 5% a year for the last decade, with 6 of the 10 fastest growing countries globally located in the region.  Five years ago only three countries in Sub-Saharan Africa had economies valued at over US$100bn - by 2020 that number will have doubled.  There have also been seismic shifts in political and economic developments in key regions such as Southern Africa and the Horn of Africa, that offer a range of new opportunities, whilst West Africa offers growing opportunities across a range of sectors.

The Africa 2019 business breakfast takes a look at the political, economic and business trends, as well as development hotspots that can be expected to drive business in the region in 2019.  It will also examine how companies can engage with the rest of the region, where the opportunities are and what needs to be done to unlock them.

Start Date: 07 Nov 2018
Number of Days: 1
Time: 08:30 to 11:00
Venue: JCC House 1
Address: 7th Floor, JCC House, Empire Road, Milpark
Member Price (VAT inc) R 400
Non-Member Price (VAT inc) R 600

For more information, please contact Melitta Openshaw, melitta@jcci.co.za

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JCCI - AFRICA 2019 Business Breakfast

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