Parklands College - Innovation In Education
Parklands College - Innovation In Education

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Parklands College - Innovation In Education


Parklands College is an independent school in Cape Town, South Africa, that caters for children from Pre-
Primary to Grade 12. Our focus is innovation in education and we believe that the best way to prepare our learners for the future is to provide a school environment where they can focus on their own needs, interests and work together towards solving real world problems in a professional environment that has an impact on a larger community.

In 2016 we were proudly recognised as an Apple Distinguished School, from 2016 - 2018. Parklands College was once again recognised as one of only 400 Apple Distinguished Schools in the world for continued Innovation, Leadership and Excellence in education from 2018 - 2021.

At Parklands College we seek to foster the innate potential of our learners, allowing them to imagine, explore and discover their journey through the Parklands Mind. The Parklands Mind encompasses the five global competencies that are essential for young learners to adapt to the changing workplace and future world. We encourage them to be creative and critical thinkers, to communicate and collaborate effectively, and to be responsible citizens.

Educators integrate the teaching of content, knowledge and 21st century skills within a rich technological environment. Our cross-curricular Project Based Learning provides authentic learning experiences where
learners are engaged in solving real world problems. Learning is now multi-sensory and creativity is in the hands of our learners.

The integration of technology allows for a multimodal environment that offers a unique learning experience and our programmes are adaptable and cater for the individual styles.

Our approach to learning and teaching is innovative, enriched and flexible, with an emphasis on the individual needs and success of every child.

Immersive learning has changed the way in which our learners experience the classroom and learning content, from descriptive writing pieces detailing their virtual expedition to the Great Barrier Reef, to learners addressing relevant and local social issues where using a virtual reality creation tool to design and create futuristic eco-cities.

Learners, educators and the community were invited to walk around these creations and experience their thinking. We have made time in the school day for other passion led, experiential learning courses and interests e.g. film, sound engineering, animation, robotics, mobile application development and hospitality that allow learners to explore and discover new areas of interest. Robotics and coding are a compulsory offering to our learners from Grade R to Grade 8 and develops skills in science, technology, engineering, art & design and mathematics (STEAM).

Our new Learning Innovation Centre at our secondary faculty campus will open in January 2020. Further development of specialised learning spaces, encompass the College's vision of providing our learners with opportunities to design, create and prototype working solutions in response to community problems.

This development will house an Educational Holodeck, a MakerSpace, collaborative learning areas, breakaway boardrooms and large flexible learning spaces. These spaces will also allow for differentiated learning, enhanced collaboration and cross-curricular integration. Eliminating traditional classroom orientation, learning spaces are omnidirectional with multiple display screens.

At Parklands College, this worthy education inspires children to lifelong learning and a yearning to continue to grow and discover. Children are challenged to acquire self-leadership, take initiative and accept their responsibility towards creating a better tomorrow. 

Tel: 0861 EDUCATE / 338228
International Tel: +27 (0)21 521 2700
Fax: +27 (0)86 767 0397

Parklands College - Innovation In Education

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