Andrew Habgood
Andrew Habgood

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MAGNET would like to welcome its newest member, Andrew Habgood. Andrew has recently joined the Richards Bay branch as a Project Engineer.  Here are a few fast facts about Andrew:

Age: 35

Qualification: B-Tech Elec Eng (H/C) (Heavy Current)

Experience: 8 years Post Grad experience in heavy industry. Andrew comes from the largest single coal export terminal in the world.

Hobbies: Andrew is an avid sports lover. He has completed 6 Dusi Canoe Marathons, 3 Comrades Marathons and 2 non-stop marathons to name a few.

Biggest principle he respects: Honesty

Going forward: “I am very excited to have joined Magnet and I am looking forward to spreading my wings and growing like never before”, says Andrew.

Magnet is very proud of its latest addition and expects great things from him in future.

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