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What is "Leasing Cars" and Why Should I Do It

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What is "Leasing Cars" and Why Should I Do It


We all lust after these four wheeled beauties and wish to own one for ourselves. Although, buying cars is really difficult due to the high monthly repayments or the large lump sum you have to pay upfront. The solution to this: lease a car! When you lease a car, you sign a contract stipulating that you can use a chosen car for a specified amount of time for a monthly fee. This comes with so many benefits and is a relatively simple process.

Think about leasing a car as if you are renting a car. It's that simple. You are agreeing to rent a car for a number of years until your lease agreement expires. Typically, a lease period is between 2 - 4 years. A lovely short-term commitment, where you don't have to worry about re-selling the car at the end. Even better, you can lease a new car when your original lease expires.

Most lease agreements include a fantastic warranty that only asks you to check the oil, water and brakes regularly, as well as send the car in for a maintenance service once every few months. Insurance is included in most agreements, making your life even easier. With a warranty and insurance included, most people would think the monthly payments would be sky high but the truth is that they are actually lower than if you had bought a car.

The only thing you have to be aware of is that the car has limited mileage and once that is finished, you begin paying a per-kilometer rate that is noted in the lease agreement. Considering all the benefits and ease of leasing a car, a limited mileage isn't a problem.

Now you know what it means to lease a car and how by doing so, you'll be making your life much easier. The short period of the lease, the warranty, the low monthly payments will drastically decrease your car-related stress levels and give you the freedom to travel as you wish.

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What is "Leasing Cars" and Why Should I Do It

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