Improved customer service
Improved customer service

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Improved customer service


If you would like to consider some good news during the Covid-19 pandemic, then here is some: Consumers will generally get better service once the coronavirus crisis ends. Notably, customer service generally separates successful businesses from those that are less so.

What's the key to offering better service after the coronavirus?
Experts say businesses that figure out how to adapt, incorporate new technology and develop deeper human connections will come out on top - communication is still key. Forward-thinking businesses are already improving customer service in both big and small ways. In order to adapt and to deliver better service, businesses are:
• Retraining their workforce to improve service delivery
• Adjusting the way that they work to meet customers' needs and to adjust to new social norms
• Changing the way that they use technology

Most experts say the biggest gains will happen online
As people shift towards online platforms, the need for a human connection has never been greater. Businesses will soon realise that they can't ignore their online presence and leave their customers to figure things out for themselves.

The shift to using technology has taught us to explain things that might not be obvious. We all need an extra way of making sense of something - the use of resource centres or a direct contact person is invaluable.

Better service also means seeing each customer as a person, not a transaction. And when something goes wrong, it means being willing to look outside the business policy to provide better service. 

The world is changing, and business simply isn't business as usual. Those businesses that aren't willing to address their client's changing needs will suffer the consequences.

Improved customer service

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