Samantha Watt - Influencing hearts and minds
Samantha Watt - Influencing hearts and minds

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Samantha Watt - Influencing hearts and minds


Samantha Watt is the owner of Say Watt which is a young, bold, and passionate consultancy with a passion for influencing hearts and minds through the art of public relations. Samantha started her own agency after leaving her nine to five job to meet her desire to be the best mom and wife that she could be. She adds that she has succeeded through the grace of God and through the support of her husband.

"Our core business is public relations which is more than building brands. We have a massive network of freelancers who are strong service providers in marketing strategy, events, web development, social media and/or brand development and activation. So, we are able to supply a one stop marketing shop to our clients, which is really great," explains Samantha.

"We love telling our clients that we are dream chasers. At the heart of every marketing success is a story which can grab the heart of a customer. We are exceptional story tellers."

Samantha's path to success has not been easy. "When I was in matric, my dream was to become an award-winning journalist. During my first year at university, I contracted bacterial meningitis and nearly died. As a result of the infection, I lost the hearing in one ear and was badly scarred," she explained.

In her second year of university, Samantha fell pregnant, got married and by the age of 25, she had three children.

Samantha reflected that during her early working career she really suffered with mommy guilt. "Women believe that if they are career driven, they are letting someone down. Women want to be all things to everyone," she explained. However, she said that her life was changed when she joined The Unlimited and participated in several transformation and personal developmental courses. She said, "I learnt to dream again, and I dreamt big... I realised that my primary dream was to be the best mom and wife that I could be and that I could not do that working a normal nine to five job."

Samantha then embarked on her journey of owning her own business. "Initially this was built on the amazing relationships I had developed over the years with ex-employers, colleagues, family, and friends, who became my first clients and are still clients today. I wouldn't be where I am today if they hadn't put their faith in me."

In commenting on her current work/life balance she says that she does not believe that anyone has achieved balance. "Having my own business is a plus as I am able to choose my own work hours. My favourite place to be is on the side of the rugby field, netball court or cricket field. I am that crazy mom who shouts on the side of the field... The trade off is that I often have to work to 12 at night or 1 o'clock in the morning and I may work during weekends."

Samantha's goal is to have an impact on the world. "Our dream is that no brand, big or small, in South Africa ever has to go unbranded or unheard. We are committed to keeping our costs low and competitive while still providing the quality that our clients have come to know and enjoy."

Business success, says Samantha, is defined by the point where you stop worrying about cash flow. "Your dream has got to be bigger than your business. It is about when you have the money to make a tangible difference in other people's lives. Going forward being able to help micro entrepreneurs and making a tangible business difference for them for free would be our dream." She attributes her success to being surrounded by incredible women her entire life. "My gran was a single mother who raised three daughters and is the stalwart of the family. My mother never pursued tertiary education but was ambitions and very successful. I also have strong willed and amazing women business partners who all have a strong sense of accountability."

Samantha's advice to other aspiring business owners is to not let anyone squash your dreams. "People need to pursue their dreams with courage and perseverance and do what 99% of people are not prepared to do. I think that is what makes you successful. Pushing a little further."

Samantha Watt - Influencing hearts and minds

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