How to Start a Business in KwaZulu-Natal

Phase 1
1. Research and evaluate investment and business possibilities and identify needs relating to your product or service.

Phase 2
1. Draw up your business plan.
2. Decide on the type of business entity that you wish to form
3. Think about your enterprises name and think about at least 2 other alternatives
4. Obtain business and work permits (applies to foreigners only)
5. The company must be registered with the South African Registrar of Companies in Pretoria within 21 days of the company being started.

Phase 3
1. Register The Company/ Business Entity With The Receiver Of Revenue:

  • as a Provisional Taxpayer 
  • as a VAT vendor 
  • for Pay As You Earn (PAYE) income tax on employees 
  • for Standard Income Tax on Employees

2. Registration with the District Council
Businesses employing staff must pay gross revenue or salary related levy

3. Registration With The Department Of Labour
Businesses employing staff will have to contact the Department of Labour regarding mandatory contributions to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

4. Registration with The Local Authority
Businesses dealing in fresh foodstuffs or health matters are required to register with the local authority.

5. Other Actions Include:

  • Checking Exchange Control procedures (Please note that non-residents are generally not subject to exchange controls except for certain categories of investment.
  • Negotiate property and services
  • Obtaining approval for building plans
  • Applying for industry and export incentives
  • Applying for import permits and verifying import duties payable
  • Registering as an exporter and applying for an export permit
  • Ensuring Exchange Control compliance when remitting payments overseas

Please Note: The checklist is a general description of the steps that a start-up company may follow. Registering for copyright, patents, trademarks and designs are not compulsory for every enterprise.

How to Start a Business in KwaZulu-Natal

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