The amalgamated municipal area is predominantly tribal. There are, however, a few scattered pockets of privately owned land throughout the municipal area. The need for the development of the Ifafa area has been identified. Factories will be built and approximately 5000 jobs will be created and further investment opportunities will be unleashed.

Largely Rural
Umuziwabantu Municipality consists of a largely rural area. Features include; an urban development, the town of Harding, farmland, commercially-grown forests and Traditional Authority areas. Apart from the town of Harding, which is the seat of the
municipality, 56% of the municipal area is occupied by individually-owned commercial farms and the Weza afforestation region.

Ideal for Development
The Local Municipality of Umzumbe extends along the coast for a short stretch between Mtwalume and Hibberdene, and then balloons out into the hinterland for some 60 km. Only 1% of the municipality is built up (semi-urban). The rural hinterland incorporates 17 traditional authority areas. Umzumbe Municipality has been strategically identified as ideal for the development of Umzumbe River Trade where tourists will enjoy all available activities on this development.

Ugu South Coast Tourism (Pty) Ltd promotes tourism growth and development of tourism in the area. Besides the plethora of beach, adventure, activity, hospitality, retail and nature-based options on the coast and inland, there are also some unique and innovative touring options.

Ugu District Municipality

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