John Lamberti
John Lamberti

KwaZulu-Natal Perspectives

The Province’s natural advantages, include

  • Largely untapped environmental resources with unparalleled scenic beauty and bio-diversity
  • A unique multi-cultural heritage
  • Enormous human potential and resources

KwaZulu-Natals competitive and comparative advantages include:

John Lamberti
John Lamberti
  • The ports of Durban and Richards Bay, which together handle nearly 80 %of South Africa's cargo tonnage.
  • Richards Bay is the country's centre of aluminium industry operations, and is also the seat of the world's largest sand mining and mineral-producing operations.
  • Is the country's leading producer of timber, processing over half of all timber used in the country, and accounting for a significant percentage of the country's wood exports.
  • A leading tourist destination 
  • The Province is second only to Gauteng in terms of its percentage contribution to South Africa's GDP.

Key Points of the Provincial Growth and Development Strategy

John Lamberti
John Lamberti

The  KwaZulu Natal Provincial Growth and Development Strategy (KZN PGDS) bolsters the Province's commitment to achieving the vision of KwaZulu Natal (KZN) as a "Prosperous Province with a healthy, secure and skilled population, acting as a gateway to Africa and the World". The PGDS aims to build this gateway by growing the economy for the development and the improvement of the quality of life of all people living in the Province. Whilst the Provincial Government of KZN is leading this process, its success depends on strong compacts with labour, civil society and business.

KZN Economy

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