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The KwaZulu-Natal region is home to South Africa"s second largest provincial economy, a booming tourism sector, a burgeoning manufacturing sector, extensive farmland, worldclass sporting venues and conference facilities and a rich cross-cultural legacy and sense of history.

Ours is most certainly a region geared for growth and we have the economic muscle to make substantial economic growth a reality. In fact, much of the groundwork has already been completed, with sizeable and strategic public sector investment in infrastructure, inclusive of the multi-billion Rand Dube TradePort, which is home to the new King Shaka International Airport, major seaport upgrades and the further development of road and rail links, together with the establishment, recently, of new sports facilities and extensions to Durban"s iconic international conference centre.

Our economic focus, going forward, remains on manufacturing and - especially - manufacturing, which is capable of adding value to our local raw materials. KwaZulu-Natal is well-placed to significantly grow its position as an undoubted leader in the import and export market.

KwaZulu-Natal is privileged to profit from the benefits of a vibrant tourism industry and has long enjoyed being the leading domestic tourist destination in this country. Such status is a direct consequence of the enduring strength and diversity of the unique blend of wildlife, scenic and heritage tourism attractions in our Province.  The exceptional array of attractions and experiences are off set by our idyllic year round climate. In addition, in our quest to establish ourselves as one of the leading global location for mega events, we have identified sports as key ingredients to elevate our image.

We believe implicitly that within our Provincial tourism sector a need exists for our active promotion of responsibility towards the environment through its sustainable use.

We are aware that we must have forward-looking policy; create a stable socio-political environment and avail ourselves to use our varied economic, tourism and environmental resources to address the challenges that we face including unemployment, poverty and inequality.

We invite you to join us in our journey of growth and participate in our economy through its many opportunities.

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