KwaZulu-Natal is now the market leader for domestic tourism in South Africa, as well as number two in term of international tourism. 
KwaZulu-Natal's magnificent Drakensberg mountains, sub-tropical coastline with glorious beaches and game parks are closest to the main national population and economic centres in Gauteng. The Province has great accommodation facilities, wonderful leisure and recreation opportunities, a rich history and diverse cultures. In addition, Zulu culture and history forms a key part of the Province's heritage. Currently the government and the private sector are developing it into an integral part of the KwaZulu-Natal tourism product. Examples of new attractions being developed include the:

  • Commemoration of Bhambatha Rebellion
  • Erection of statues of past Zulu Kings
  • Establishment of multi-media cultural and historical centres
As a consequence, KwaZulu-Natal remains the nation's premier domestic tourist destination, with a leading 32 percent share and is the second most popular destination for international visitors.
Tourism has been identified as a catalyst for economic growth and together with the rapid growth in the sector, presents a variety of investment opportunities. Present indications are that the KwaZulu Natal coast will continue to draw tourists for the next 10 years due to its beaches, excellent weather, golf courses and shopping facilities

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