Transport, Storage and Communication

Logistics and supply chain management is growing in importance and it is fast becoming the central function in companies. To be competitive in a globalize economy one needs to be innovative, creative, able to communicate effectively and move goods efficiently, all of which embrace service activities.

Boasting Africa’s busiest sea port (Durban) and Africa’s biggest bulk sea port (Richards Bay), combined with excellent road and rail infrastructure and global logistics service providers, it is easy to see why KwaZulu-Natal (KwaZulu-Natal) lays claim to being southern Africa’s Trade Gateway. With the increase in activity as well as the current expansion projects at the Durban and Richards Bay harbours, it is possible that the sector will continue to experience high growth rates.

Dube Trade Port

KwaZulu-Natal's continued success in international trade depends on improved transport and logistics infrastructure. Accordingly, the imminent establishment of a new-generation multifaceted logistics platform will provide a significant means to enhance international competitiveness and job creation. The Dube Trade Port project seeks to provide a major economic stimulus to the economy of KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa by providing world class logistics infrastructure comprising the intercontinental passenger and freight orientated King Shaka International Airport (KSIA) as well as the Trade Zone, a commercial orientated real estate development focusing on serving the needs of industry orientated to air/sea/land and rail logistics. The additional creation of a Cyber Port at the proposed King Shaka Airport north of Durban would position KwaZulu-Natal as the country's central logistics hub, but to achieve that goal it is essential to develop a fully functioning ICT and electronics backbone.

Passenger transport

While many transport companies are operational in local, inter-city and urban-rural areas, there are opportunities to grow this sector in the Province.

 Road Freight

Road freight transport in serves a wide range of industries and handles almost all general cargo and distribution of products to end users.  The road freight industry plays a vital role towards economic growth and it is a barometer of integration into regional marketplace and a critical support system for trade with our neighbouring states. 

Petroleum Pipeline

Storage and Warehousing

Companies in this very competitive sector, especially the bigger players, are increasingly becoming total logistics supply and management service providers. Storage and warehousing are offered in various combinations with transport, stevedoring and distribution services. The concept of good service appears to have expanded, unnoticed, to include sophisticated electronic support systems.

KZN Transport, Storage and Communication

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