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Warren & Nicolette Secker � www.secker.co.za
Energy is fundamental for South Africa’s social and economic development. 


Parastatal company Eskom is one of the largest utilities in the world, generating nearly all of South Africa's electricity. 


The largest hydroelectric power plant in South Africa is the 1000 megawatt Drakensberg Pumped-Storage Facility, part of a larger scheme of water management that brings water from the Tugela River into the Vaal watershed. The Drakensberg Pumped Storage Scheme is in the Northern Drakensberg mountains in KwaZulu-Natal, close to the town of Bergville. The station is unique as apart from the dam wall, lift shaft buildings and transmission lines, all installations are 150 meters underground. A pumped storage scheme generates electricity during peak hours, which is everyday when the demand of electricity rises. During the off-peak periods Drakensberg uses its reversible turbines to pump the water back to the upper reservoir, readying the system for peak periods.



Water supply

Water is central to increased economic activities and investment in the Province. 

KZN Utilities (generally referred to as 'electricity')

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